Unique  Special Events Professional 

Unique Special Events Professional 

My true passions in respect to my career is Special Events, Public Relations, Marketing/Branding , Broadcasting , Creative Management, Fundraising and Strategic Relationships, in no specific order. I see everything through this kaleidoscope of attributes.  Everything!  Over the years I realized that a great Independent Special Events  Professional  has to embody all of  these attributes,  equally yoked with phenomenal established  relationships as well as extraordinary relationship building skills,   in as many industries as possible.  

A resourceful Independent Special Events Professional    understands  these skills must be  interchangeable mediums that are  interdependent as well as complementary.

Successful Event Planning is utilizing the skill of creating unforgettable memories and experiences by having knowledgeable working experience in the areas of Special Events , Public Relations , Marketing/Branding ,  Broadcasting , Creative Direction, Fundraising  and Strategic Relationships . 

I refuse to be put in a box, in regards to title,  a job description or specialization requirements. All arrows point to a great event. 

 I have experience producing  :conferences,  concerts, expos, festivals, fundraisers, live remotes, meetings,  movie screening, special occasions, seminars, sporting events, theme celebrations,  weddings and so much more . Tradional, out of the box or avant-garde event, let’s make happen .  Intimate settings of 2 to plus size events , let’s make it memorable.  

My industry expertise, sparkling personsonality and attention to meticulous  details  are the beginnings  of your next unforgettable as well as well as an unique experience ! 

Contact me at:

Ms. Dunlap 



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